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Night Sky Gear & Optics

Trout Pearls

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Trout Pearls came to mine while trout fishing one day, the trout weren't biting. Looked through my tackle bag, realized there isn't enough color or uniqueness with trout eggs. Started thinking, came to the conclusion that colors or glitter colors can trigger bites. Then that's when trout pearls came to mind. Trout pearls comes in multiple unique colors and scents. Sometimes all it takes to trigger a bite is having that one color or glitter color. 

Comes 40 in a pack connected pearls, take one or three off at a time. Choose your scent below. Trout pearls are made of the softest plastic to give that real life feel. This is a product made by Night Sky Gear & Optics.

Colors : 

Oct. 31st.. You guessed it Halloween colors. Pumpkin orange color with purple & black glitter. Bring out the monsters with this color.

Purple Galaxy.. Has purple smoked pearl color, with rainbow & Purple glitter. Looks just like the cosmos.

1776.. Got to have a patriotic color, has a strawberry red color with blue, white, silver and sliver hologram glitter. Let the fish see fireworks with this color.

New Penny.. Has a rootbeer color, with silver & copper glitter. Sometimes you have to pay to catch a fish. 

Silver Plum.. Has Purple plum & silver pearl color, has silver & plum glitter. This color will drive the fish PLUM crazy.

Pearl Treuse.. Chartreuse pearl & Emarald green color. No glitter Chartreuse what fish doesn't like that color.

Pink Holo.. Hot Pink color with silver holographic glitter.  

Golden Peach.. Peach color with gold glitter. Hard to beat a ripe peach.

Black Widow.. Black color with red glitter, turn the fish into widows with this color.

Mother Of Pearl.. White color with  pearl powder & Holographic glitter. Catch the mother of all fish with this color.


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