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Odins SCENT BEADS 3oz & Mesh Bags

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Odins Scent beads is a game-changer for productive and effective management of your hunting space. With its leading, long-lasting characteristics, you only need to refresh monthly. It remains effective longer as deer or other pesky varmints will not eat it.

It also attracts hogs, bear and other game with the irresistible scent of familiar food – putting them at ease. Just select your target area, open the bottle and sprinkle the infused scent beads evenly across an area approximately 5'x5'.

It’s your choice. You can carry in big bags of food every week, spooking potential trophies with your human scent, or simply use our lure scents once a month.


Put Odin’s Earth Scent into the sheer bag to allow for the release of Odin’s scent while keeping the beads collected and easy to move in and out. 

Through them into your container with your hunting apparel to mask your scent.  Throw one into each of your boots.  Where do you want the smell of a forest floor to wash over your gear?

Also useful to distribute Citronella scent....use each like a powerful citronella candle without the flame and melted wax!

  • The sheer material allows the scent to release into the air.
  • Ribbon drawstring ties to close bag securely
  • Size: 3" x 4" / 7 x 9cm
  • 10 per pack


    Mesh bag to allow for the deployment of Odin’s scent to an area where you may want to remove the product when you are done.

    We first think of citronella scent....hang it next to you while turkey hunting.  Or camping. Or fishing.

    Use the Earth to provide a cover scent.

    NOTE: As we feel it is important to keep your human scent from an area, this does not replace the normal method for use of Odin’s products.

    • A see-through mesh bag allows the wind to pass through over Odin’s scent beads.
    • The clip is sturdy and makes it easy to attach to anything that will put the scent where you want it.
    • When done using, put the bag & scents in a zip lock bag to maintain the remaining strength of the scent


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