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Rix Optics

Rix Leap 6

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World's First Continuous
Optical Zoom Thermal Riflescope.

Equipped with a high-sensitivity infrared detector and advanced thermal imaging technology, it ensures clear visibility in challenging conditions such as rain, snow, fog, or darkness.
The LEAP series features a 30mm standard tube diameter for easy mounting and offers a range of features, including photography, video recording, automatic shooting capture, optical and electronic zoom, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), and a variety of reticle options. Experience the ultimate hunting companion with the LEAP series.


Unleash the power of enhanced magnification with the RIX Leap Series optical zoom feature. Unlike digital zoom, it offers a noticeably clearer and smoother zooming process, delivering a lifelike magnification effect and an exceptional operational experience. Combining it with digital zoom expands your horizons, while offering a broader range of magnification options.


Enjoy extended usage with the replaceable 18650 battery. A single battery provides over 8 hours of continuous operation, and with just three batteries, you can enjoy a full day of uninterrupted usage.


Simplify and streamline your operation with three knobs and two buttons. Enjoy a user-friendly experience w


We leave no room for compromise when it comes to audio quality.
We carefully select a renowned digital microphone with outstanding anti-noise capabilities, ensuring an impeccable audio experience.

Moreover, our meticulously engineered sound chamber is designed to optimize and deliver flawless sound effects.
With our unwavering attention to detail, we guarantee nothing short of perfection, allowing you to enjoy audio quality at its finest.

here zeroing adjustments no longer require switching directions.


The Leap is fortified with an impressive IP67 waterproof rating, offering robust protection against water intrusion. This exceptional waterproofing capability shields the internal components, prolonging the device's lifespan significantly. With this level of durability, you can confidently use the Leap in challenging environments without compromising its performance or longevity.



Model L3 L6
Type VOx Uncooled
Resolution Pixels 384×216 640×360
Pixel Size,μm 12
NETD,mK <25
Frame rate , Hz 50
Objective lens 35mm 50mm
Optic zoom,x 3.2-9.6 2.8-8.4
Fieid of view (HxV),degrees / yd@100yd 7.5/12.2 8.8/15.4
Digital zoom,x 1 - 4
Eye relief,mm 50
Diopter Adjustment,D -5 - +5
Detection range,y 1800 2600
Resolution,pixels 1920×1080
Video/photo resolution,pixel 960×720
Video/photo format .mp4 /.jpg
Built-in memory,GB 32
Wireless Protocol Wi-Fi
Frequency,GHz 2.4GHz
Degree of protection,IP code IP67
Operating temperature range,°F -4 - +122
Battery type 18650
Capacity,mAh 3200
Operating time on battery pack (at t=22°C), h* 7
External power supply,V 5v(Type - C USB)
Dimensions,Inches 14.2×3.5×3 14.6×3.5×3
weight,LBS 2.4 2.6


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